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We Have Lost Another Sister In Saudi Arabia - Tabitha Wanja Njuguna

One of those headlines that freak me out! We need to seriously declare prayers for our Kenyan community in Gulf especially Saudi Arabia. News reaching my desk is that we have lost another Kenyan sister in the Kingdom. Her name is Tabitha Wanja Njuguna and she hails from Waratho village, Kiambu County.

The Late Tabitha Wanja Njuguna

The report says that Wanja died of natural causes, mentioning she was diabetic and contracted the Covid-19 virus. Her employer has taken care of all expenses for her body to be repatriated to Kenya. The family says the process is taking a little bit too long and are kindly requesting the Kenyan Embassy to expedite the process. Tabitha Wanja passed on about a month and few weeks ago. The exact date of her demise was not mentioned.

It shutters my soul to have to announce another death in Saudi. This is the 7th announcement in just 3 weeks.

P.S - Please all Kenyans working in Gulf, keep on registering online at

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