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#VOO TV Stops The Funeral Of 2 Year Old Sherryl Kadogo Who Was Raped And Killed In Bungoma


Yesterday, an unimaginable event unfolded before my eyes as I witnessed the halted funeral of a precious 2-year-old girl named Sherryl Kadogo. The entire incident was captured live on #voo TV TIK Tok, leaving a lasting impact on all those who were following the heartbreaking turn of events. This tragic tale revolves around the longing for justice for baby Kadogo, whose burial has been postponed until her mother arrives home from Saudi Arabia. In this blog post, I share the details of this distressing incident and shed light on the determination of a community unwilling to rest until justice is served.

The Unsettling Funeral:

As I logged onto social media yesterday, little did I know that I was about to witness a heart-wrenching event. The funeral of Sherryl Kadogo was scheduled to take place, gathering friends, family, and well-wishers who wished to pay their final respects to the innocent soul. However, circumstances took an unexpected turn, and the event became much more than a typical funeral.

The Live Stream on #voo TV TIK Tok:

Thanks to the power of technology and the prevalence of social media platforms, the entire episode unfolded before the world. The live stream on #voo TV TIK Tok allowed viewers from all corners of the globe to bear witness to the raw emotions and collective grief surrounding baby Kadogo's untimely demise.

Postponing the Burial:

The reason behind the postponement of Sherryl Kadogo's burial is both heartrending and indicative of the challenges faced by modern families. The little girl's mother is currently in Saudi Arabia and is desperately trying to make her way back home to bid farewell to her beloved child. The agonizing wait for her return has brought the community together, with an unyielding determination to ensure that justice is served and that Kadogo is laid to rest surrounded by the love and presence of her grieving mother.

Relentless Pursuit for Justice:

In the face of this tragedy, the #VOO TV community has risen as one, pledging to be relentless and defiant in their pursuit of justice for baby Kadogo. Their shared grief has transformed into a powerful force for change, with demands for thorough investigations into the circumstances surrounding the young girl's death. It is our unwavering determination that fuels the hope that no stone will be left unturned in seeking the truth and bringing those responsible to account.


The halted funeral of Sherryl Kadogo is a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the unbreakable bonds of family. The power of technology brought this tragedy to the forefront of our screens, amplifying the collective pain and rallying support from far and wide. As the community awaits the return of Kadogo's mother, their commitment to justice remains unshakable. Let us join hands in supporting their cause, spreading awareness, and ensuring that Baby Kadogo's memory lives on as a catalyst for change. Together, we can stand for justice and ensure that no more innocent lives are lost to the shadows of injustice.

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