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#VOO TV Interviews CEO Of Jay-Horizons Recruitment Agency Ms Violet Karanu, 50 Saudi Jobs Available

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

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Intake & Interviews starting from Monday, November 29th 2021.

About 10 weeks ago, a young lady by the name of Joyce Wangari reached out to me for help explaining that she was stuck in the hospital in Saudi Arabia. I went public with her case, demanded the Agency to take action and in deed action was taken. Her recruitment firm was named Jay-Horizons Travel Agency.

Violet Wanjiku Karanu is the CEO of Jay-Horizons Travel Agency and is among the 1st agents who reached out to me with the message "Nelson, I support your mission and vision. I believe we can achieve more if we work together. As an Agent, I am ready to bring change in the recruitment industry." What I love about Violet is that she made it clear to me "This is my calling and am not ready to quit." She then added "Kadamas are going to be my soul focus to ensure their living standards improve."

We have brainstormed for nearly 5 weeks, tackled each an every sphere for the Kadamas that needs improvement. I am happy with the results and our new partnership. This past week, my #VOO TV video team visited her office in Nairobi and conducted an amazing interview. Enjoy and have fun! Part 2 will be premier on Tuesday the 30th.

Disclaimer - #VOO TV owns all the copyrights of this entire production.

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