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Ugly Details Emerging From Omungala's Death - She Was Trafficked To Iraq, Kenyan Govt Has No Records

Since publishing the story of the late Ruth Omungala earlier this week, a lot has been happening. First of all, let me applaud Doreen Brenda from the Human Rights office in Kenya for the hard work she has done thus far. I've been in touch with her and the fact is, there are hurdles in Omungala's case. Identifying family members was an issue. There is paperwork to be filed for her body to be transferred back to Kenya, which has now become another challenge since Ruth was trafficked to Iraq and the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs does not have her records. Doreen just sent me this heartbreaking statement which I ask you to read carefully below. This sucks!

Ruth Omungala

"Kindly allow me to brief you all about the case of Ruth Omungala. We are very sorry to inform you all that yesterday our lawyer managed to reach the foreign affairs office in Nairobi on matters concerning her death in Iraq. It was unfortunate that no details were found in Kenyan foreign affairs of her travel to Iraq, meaning she was trafficked to Iraq and has been living the miserable life as a slave in Iraq.  Ali (The agent in Iraq) managed to give the number of the Kenyan agent in the name of Grace... who has denied she's not concerned nor does she know the lady by name Ruth Omungala. She, later on, she named another agent by name Jane as the one who was concerned about it. We managed to inform the family about it.... they are crying for justice of Ruth's body to be brought back home. We had a talk with  Ali in Iraq who claims its too expensive to bring the body back to our country... then he should be given time to do arrangements with Red cross which he claims mighty take many months for the process. The foreign affairs advised that Ali should come to the country and have an agreement with the family. When I contacted Ali about it he claimed as per now he might not find the time since he has many duties on the ground... maybe in February next year. That is what I have as per now. We are still pressing on what to be done. Blessed last day of 2019."

P.S - The advocate representing Ruth is Samuel Akolo Wanyanga. Her exact home place is Kakamega County, Mumias West Sub-County, Eshikalame Location, Mwirinya Village.

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