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These Are The Kenyan Agencies I Personally Recommend For Those Seeking Domestic Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Sitting in my lecture room at the University of Cologne in Germany, our Sociology Professor asked us one question "Wie viele Freunde haben Sie?" (How many friends do you have?). People raised their hands and gave varying answers. Some said 5, 8, 10 and even some said "I can't even count, way too many!". After hearing our answers, our Professor chuckled, raised his hand, flashed the "2 finger peace sign" and uttered these exact words "In Ihrem Leben lernen Sie maximal nur 2 gute Freunde kennen!" (In your entire life, you will only have 2 good friends). That statement changed my life forever. "2 good friends."

Emvic Ltd Staff At David's Funeral In Muguga, Kiambu County This Past Week

Since I aired the story of David 2 weeks ago, my inbox is flooded with thousands of messages people asking "Mike, ni agent gani mzuri kwenda Gulf?" (Mike, which is the best agency to reach out to if I want to work in Gulf?". Our country has a big issue with unemployment, I interact with thousands of House Managers on a daily basis who have gone to work in Saudi Arabia and thrived, supported their families, children, mothers, fathers, and siblings. Others have been able to even start their own NGO's to support others in need. Unfortunately, others have not been successful, have been victims of oppression, have landed on the hands of brutal employers, returned home on wheelchairs, and the worst of it all they have Agencies that don't care, who have no empathy, who prioritize currency rather than humanity. The latter has been my biggest fight up to date.

Today for the first time I will speak out publicly about Agencies that I know care about "Humanity." Going back to my opening statement, I am not here to name 384 agencies! No.........just like my University Professor did, I flash the "2 finger peace sign". 2 agencies only!

1: Jay-Horizon Travel Agency

Violet Karanu is the Director of Jay-Horizons Travel Agency and was the first Agent ever to reach out to me with the simple statement "Nelson, I support your #VOO vision. The welfare of all Kadamas is my priority. This is my calling and I am ready to change the industry. I come in peace" Violet has an amazing staff which includes an ordained Bishop. They work everything by the book. I've seen how they respond to emergency situations, how they guide new employees during the recruitment process. Ms. Karanu has appeared multiple times on my #VOO TV Tik Tok Breakfast Show to talk and give advice to House Managers working in Gulf. You can visit their website at and you will find all their contact information.

Violet Karanu On A Recent Interview With #VOO TV At Her Office In Westlands

2: Emvic Ltd

Emvic Ltd is run by Mr. Steven. I did not know about this Agency until just 2 weeks ago. How this office has handled Mama David's case deserves a standing ovation. This is a perfect display of EMPATHY. This is how HUMANITY should look like. This office has gone far and beyond in supporting Njoki after the tragic loss and murder of her 3-year-old son. I receive many messages from House Managers begging to travel home to bury their children, husbands or parents and they are simply denied that right. Others are abused by their agents/brokers or even blocked. I can't count how many have joined us on #VOO TV Breakfast Show on Tik Tok to just mourn, cry out, gather some strength after being denied their right to travel.

Staff Members Of Emvic Ltd At David's Funeral Ceremony

Steven and his office understood the assignment. They catered for Njoki's travel, paid for her flight, volunteered to pick her up at the airport, stayed in communication with David's funeral committee, the whole staff attended David's funeral. What touched my soul the most is the fact that Steven & his wife Wambui even offered to take care of Njoki's 7-year-old son Kamau, who has a long way to recover from the trauma of child torture he faced from Phylis Njeri and her boyfriend. That was the determining factor of me saying "I endorse this Agency. God bless them."

Be patient, I will update their contact info.

Why I Support The Vision Of #VOO - Violet Karanu, CEO Jay-Horizons Travel Agency

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