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The Viral Video Of A Mentally Disturbed Margret Wairimu Sparks Global Concerns On Social Media

2 Kenyan ladies located in Saudi Arabia forwarded me the case of Margret Wairimu Muthoni last week. Upon receiving the video (which had been recorded by domestic workers from the Philippines working in the same house as Margret), I couldn't hold my own tears, watching this mentally disturbed young lady, walking back and forth, speaking to herself in Kikuyu while surprisingly perfectly still conducting her ironing duties, switching the iron "on" and "off" for safety.

The Viral Video Of A Mentally Disturbed Margret Wairimu Muthoni

I have documented the story of Margret Wairimu on my Facebook Page @ in detail. Am in touch with her family and thanks to people who have been praying and fasting, a team of Saudi Human Watch Activists have reached out to me and are investigating the case, hoping to seek justice. Please follow my Facebook updates for the recent developments in Margret's case.

Picture Left: Margret With Her Son Erickson | Picture Right - Erickson Kamotho Now

P.S - Margret has a 15-year-old son named Erickson Kamotho Wairimu. She left him when he was only 5 years old. Due to her mental distress, Margret has completely forgotten about her son. If you are willing to support the family financially, kindly refer to the poster attached below.

Donations Can Be Sent Via Mpesa To her God Mother/Aunt, Virginia Waitherero

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