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The Picture Of Pauline Njeri Njuguna That Moved The Internet

I woke up yesterday to a detailed message in my inbox about a Kenyan lady by the name of Pauline Njeri Njuguna. She is currently in Saudi Arabia and is pleading to go home. The moment I saw this picture, something stroke my nerves. She appears weak, her skin pale and it doesn't take a second thought to figure out that something is not right. I lived in Germany for 14 years and the moment I saw this image, memories of Hitler's terror camps came to mind. Remember those old black and white images of Jews who were forced to work in Hitler's camps, malnourished, skinny that even bones were poking out? I posted her story on Facebook and immediately comments started flooding in. People were shocked!

Check People's Reaction On My Facebook Page Below

A Picture Of Pauline Njeri Lying On What Appears To Be A Thin Mattress

A relative who is located in Dubai reached out to me later during the day and was surprised that Njeri had left to Saudi. Through Njeri's cousin, I obtained her Dad's phone number and we had an 18-minutes phone conference. And then the bombshell; Njeri's Agent is a man sitting right inside the Kenyan Embassy In Saudi! The official Labour Attache, Mr. Juma Tanga. Check my full documentation on Facebook below.

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