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The National Domestic Migration Bill 2021 Has Passed Without Objection In The Kenyan Senate

On Monday I woke and posted on my Facebook page "This Is The Month of Victory". The Gulf Crisis issue has reached a boiling point with more distress calls and deaths being reported. I have been vocal about this issue for 6 years. After a chaotic last week due to the remarks of one "kamzee kafupi kanono" aka "3 Lazy Legs" who called domestic workers "malaya" and "remnants of Koinange Street and Sabina Joy", deep in my heart, I knew we were very close to a major breakthrough.

My day started with a notification from a Kenyan brother who urged me to watch the Senate Live Proceedings. I tuned on Youtube and there was Senator Sakanja addressing the Senate. He was presenting "The National Domestic Migration Bill 2021" which has been finalized. I froze for a moment! "Sakanja is uttering my exact words" I exclaimed. "This is it! This is it! This is what we have been crying about for 6 years!". As I get ready to hop on Facebook & Tik Tok Livestream, below are bullet points from this Bill that was passed without any objection!

- The issue of "minimum pay" for every Kadama. (900 Saudi Riyals is a joke!)

- Investigation of death cases in Saudi! (We have lost too many of our sisters in the Kingdom. It's time we get to the bottom of the matter & let me add also "compensation for all victims and their families)

- The Bill talks about having "Safe Houses" in Jeddah and Riyadh in the event Kenyans are mistreated. (This I support 100000%! Let's follow the footsteps of the Philippines)

- A fresh recall of all Recruitment Agencies in Kenya. (It's time we got rid of all these "Bonoko Agencies whose greed has led to deaths and suffering of many Kenyans in Gulf)

- Collecting Data of all Kenyans locked up in prisons and deportation centres and working on their repatriation back in the country.

Senator Sakanja went ahead and wrote on his Facebook page "We have passed a resolution on protecting our girls and boys in Saudi Arabia. Kenyans must not be exploited for one more day."

This morning, several prominent agencies in Kenya called me and congratulated me for keeping up the fight. They acknowledged that they supported the Bill and it was time for a change. One prominent agent sent me this text after our 45-minutes phone conversation quote and quote: "The senate has taken charge, it was a matter of time. The writing was on the wall. The recruitment agencies got comfortable. Every other reform went on go slow. Now, let's see all stake holders coming together, to reason together and offer better welfare and reforms in Saudi. I can't agree more with the senate committee on labour. Saudi issue needed laser-guided surgery. It hurts but it heals. Tomorrow is a better day for our sisters in KSA.." He then added "Mike you have done what us Agencies failed to do."

The God of the Oppressed showed up today! We have been in prayers and others fasting the past week. Sisi ndiyo wengi! We are the majority! We have been singing "New Gulf". My dear brothers and sisters, I can see the finish line. We are only a few footsteps away.

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