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Shocking Expose - 6 Kenyan Bodies Lying In Saudi Morgues Since December 2019

As we continue to call for justice for our Sister Rahab Njeri, whose death was as a result of negligence by the Kenyan Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, new information reaching me confirms that there are 6 bodies still held at Saudi morgues since December 2019. These are Kenyan citizens! Kindly note, there is an extra "unofficial" number of other Kenyan bodies held in those morgues, but the information is not available due to strict protocols.

Causes of death, medical vis-a-vis autopsy reports are not available. Why did it take so long to process the documents for these bodies to be repatriated back to Kenya? This was clearly post-corona pandemic.

Digital Protests For Rahab Njeri Start Today

Rahab Njeri's digital protests kicked off today and I've requested all Kenyans worldwide to post a short video saying "Justice For Rahab Njeri" and post them on their social medial pages. Early this morning, I started receiving new video clips and will feature them both on VOO website & on all my social platforms. Below is a very emotional tribute from Aggie Mwololo, who posted it on her TikTok page. Watch it below!

Aggie Mwololo's Tik Tok

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Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson
Jun 22, 2020

This is crazy, the Embassy needs to be closed down and held accountable, name and shame those who works there,Waanikwe everywhere Animals.

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