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She Got Pregnant While In Saudi, Was Reported “Missing” After Giving Birth, Esther Now Speaks Out

Her story captured the attention of the entire social media world. Esther Mwakubia was reported “missing” after giving birth. The only info we knew was that she was admitted to Shemeshi hospital. Efforts to reach out to The “Mukunga“were in vain and her boyfriend was out of sight. Esther’s brother even contacted me from Kenya. I was very straightforward “My brother, just be prepared for anything.”

A Pregnant Esther Mwakubia

Press forward to yesterday, I received a message in my inbox saying “This is Esther, the lady who was reported missing. I am alive, doing fine and my baby is still recovering that’s why I am still at the hospital.” It then became clear to me; Esther was not a stranger. She had contacted me twice before namely in 2015 & 2017.

”Hallelujah“ I replied. “You are both alive.” She sounded calm and was in good spirits. But I was interested to know what happened. How did she get pregnant in a country that has tough Sharia laws? She was ready to talk.

"Please focus on what brought you here i.e to work - Esther Mwakubia"

Ms. Mwakubia has been in the Kingdom since 2011. She Kemboi’d in 2016 (Ran away from her employer). As a “Free agent” she continued working and making decent money. Folks in Saudi know that KEMBOIs usually earn twice or more than the Kadamas working under contract.

Esther started dating a Kenyan man named Yakub Ismael Marjan. She was very honest “I became pregnant the first time I met him. The moment he learned that I was pregnant, he started distancing himself. He would rarely call, didn't want to see me. It became a strange relationship. She then added “Most Kenyan men in Saudi date multiple women at the same time. They love us Kembois because we earn good money, usually more than they earn. So we spoil them with our money and they invest their money building their homes. Most of them are married and have wives and children back in Kenya.”

Esther's Former Boyfriend & Father To Her Child YAKUB ISMAEL MARJAN

On the material day when she gave birth, Ms Mwakubia told me ”I went into labor and all I remember is feeling the pain and the next thing when I woke up, I was at the hospital.” That’s all she could remember. She had given birth to a baby boy. “He was weak and as I speak he is still being fed with a pipe. Personally, I was released last week and thanks to God I have recovered. My baby boy is still undergoing treatment but he is in perfect care here. My boyfriend and the father of my child blocked me and blocked all my friends and family. I haven’t seen or heard from him ever since I went into labor.”

I intervened “Esther, having survived what you went through, what’s next, and what advice would you give other Ladies working in Saudi Arabia especially the new ones?” She did not hesitate “I will soon be taken to the police station upon which a decision will be made if I’ll stay here and continue working or be deported. My child is Kenyan so I will be allowed to keep him. My wish is to return to Kenya and heal and raise my child.” She then continued “Ladies, avoid dating these Kenyan men like a plague! Don’t have any hope of building a serious relationship. I made a Lot of mistakes having all these affairs. God taught me a lesson and I thank Him I am alive. Ladies, please focus on what brought you here and work.“

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