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r.i.p margaret mbitu😭 - body found in logan airport parking garage (VIDEO)

An individual is believed to have committed the act of homicide against a woman and subsequently departed for Kenya, as per the authorities. The victim in question, Margaret Mbitu, aged 31, was discovered within a vehicle located at the parking garage of Logan International Airport on Wednesday evening. Margaret Mbitu, a resident of Whitman, MA had been reported missing by her family earlier in the week.

The individual suspected of the crime has been identified as Kevin Kangethe, aged 40, hailing from Lowell. Presently, there exists a warrant for his arrest. In an endeavor to apprehend him, law enforcement officials are collaborating with Kenyan authorities. It has been clarified by the police that Kangethe and Mbitu were acquainted, but they have assured the general public and visitors of the airport that no immediate threat exists.

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