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Phylis Njeri, An Evil Killer On The Run - #VOO TV

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Here in America, there is a golden rule for all homicides: in the event of a murder, the first 48 hours are crucial! Investigators must lay down all the facts attached to the case and even try to arrest the perpetrator. 48 hours! My life has never been the same since February 27th, 2022. A 3-year-old child was killed in Kenya in the most brutal way and the killers namely Phylis Njeri and her boyfriend Jack are on the run.

Phyllis Njeri, The Evil Murderer Who Killed The 3-Year-Old David Gakuo

I have documented David Gakuo's murder case intensively on my Facebook page & Tik Tok account @voo_tv. This story has captured the souls of millions across all nations. I start my day by first calling the detectives to get intel updates on their investigation, then checking on Njoki to ensure she is stable. It's become my "new normal". Fact is, I've learned to even be more patient because every day that goes by it feels like we are losing the grip of these monstrous killers, ice-cold murderers! David's murder case and torture of his 7-year-old brother Kamau deserves a feature on NETFLIX: a narrative of demonic sacrifice, satanic rituals, or simply when trusting friends goes wrong. Doesn't this look like another episode from "Worst Roommates"?

Mama David Cries In Pain At Her Son's Funeral, A Video That Has Captured The Souls Of Millions Across The World. Why Did Njeri & Her Boyfriend Do This?

The Late David Gakuo. He Was Laid To Rest On Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

Phylis Njeri and her boyfriend are still on the run. I will continue to reach out to the public please if there is anyone who has seen this monster, do not hesitate. Call your local police station or DCI and report. Thank you.

The Marks Of Evil On The 7-Year-Old Peter Kamau, David's Older Brother

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