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Peris Mugure's Freedom Is What The World Needs Right Now - Mum Suffering From Severe Depression

We are all appalled by the treatment of PERIS MUGURE, a disabled woman who has been held inside SAKAN for an unspecified amount of time. Despite her disability, she has been detained in a detention facility and her mother is desperately trying to get her out.

It's shocking that PERIS MUGURE is being subjected to such horrible conditions when she has done nothing wrong. She is deaf, blind and on a wheelchair - it goes without saying that this is inhumane and should not be allowed. It's a violation of HUMAN RIGHTS, PERIOD!!

Her mother is desperate for help and her pleas have fallen on deaf ears as yet. This has caused immense pain and suffering to this family as PERIS MUGURE struggles with severe depression due to her current predicament.

We urge the Kenyan government to step in and help this family out of this miserable situation they are facing. The time to act is now - there cannot be any more delays or excuses! We strongly believe that Peris Mugure must be released immediately, so that she can reunite with her loved ones once again.

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