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Noelene Khasandi Is Brutally Killed And Raped. Assailants On The Run (Video)

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

One of the most saddest cases I have documented! Norline KHASANDI is described by many as a loving, caring hard working mother. She had returned to Kenya 2 months ago from Qatar and was working on getting her paperwork processed so that she can return. On Monday the 19th Of September, she left the house to go and pay for her visa. Her daughter LINET called her at 8p.m that evening and her phone was switched off. She got concerned, worried because her mother never ever switched her phone off.

Then the nightmare news the following day; LINET received a phone call from the police from Nairobi requesting her to visit them immediately.

Watch the video from today's #VOO TV PRIME SHOW where I covered this case in detail plus special Guests.

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