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"Next Round Is Coming", Israel PM Netanyahu Warns! | Israel-Hamas War

As of the latest information available, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Gaza border amid preparations for a potential ground attack on the Gaza Strip. This visit marked his first time at the massacre sites, and it occurred in the context of escalating tensions and the looming possibility of an invasion of Gaza by Israeli forces.

The situation in the region has been tense, with the Israeli military taking actions such as mounting raids to target Palestinian rocket crews. Israel's new unity government has expressed the goal of dealing with the Hamas threat, and there is a growing concern about a potential humanitarian crisis as tensions escalate | Israel-Hamas War

Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to the troops on the Gaza border reflects the seriousness of the situation, with both sides preparing for the possibility of further conflict.

Please note that the situation may evolve rapidly, so it's essential to consult up-to-date news sources for the latest developments.

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