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Nelson Muriuki Announces New #VOO Partnership With A Kenyan Agency To Help Kenyans Work In Poland

About 4 weeks ago, I was heading home in the evening at around 10.30 p.m. I received a whatsapp call from a +966 number, Saudi Arabia. I answered the call and on the other end was a lady who spoke to me in Swahili. She introduced herself as Purity Njeri Kariuki and said "Nataka unisaidie tafadhali" . I said am ready and she can go ahead to let me know what's going on. Calls of this nature are common to me but what I expected would be her story took an instant unexpected turn.

Purity narrated that she had worked in Saudi Arabia for 2 years. Her flight was scheduled for the next day and then came the big surprise when she told me "Mike, sina hata pesa ya kulipa fare kutoka JKIA mpaka kwetu Embu. Please nipe pesa nilipe fare. I don't want to embarrass my family!" My jaw dropped! "How?", I asked. "Hakuna savings baada ya kufanya miaka mbili?" Njeri said she didn't have any savings. All the money she has been earning has gone to her family of 4 children, caters for her sick mother's medical costs, and on top of that, she caters for expenses for her late sister's child who she lost a few months ago. You do the math, Kshs 25,000 a month is simply not enough.

I asked Purity to send me her flight details to confirm it was true. She was quick and I received her electronic flight confirmation. We made an agreement that she would update me on every stop she made and upon arrival at JKIA, I will send money to her Mpesa. An obedient mother she is, she understood her assignment. She sent pictures of her suitcase as she was about to leave the house, communicated with me upon arrival at Riyadh airport, texted me on her 1st layover, and the moment she arrived at JKIA, she called me "Nelson, nimefika poa." I instantly deposited money on her MPESA enough to cater for her travel expenses and at least do some shopping for her children.

I decided to tell this story on my Facebook page. It captured the souls many people and especially many Kadamas who worked in Gulf could relate to. The post went viral with hundreds of comments and dozen shares. It became clear to me, advocating for increment for salaries for Kadamas in Gulf had to be a top priority for #VOO. There is no way these hard-working women could continue working this hard and survive on bread crumbles!

Going through the comments that day, one statement from "Jayne Mumbi" caught my attention. She wrote, "I can help you work in Poland." Mumbi then asked me to inbox Njeri's details. The next few days I held intensive conversations with Jayne and considering the huge platform I have with #VOO, we agreed on a partnership that could help Kenyans seek better opportunities working in Poland. Jayne who is the CEO and Founder of "Safaris By Jayne" has been amazing in helping me understand how the process works and how they handle applications. I spent 3 weeks just analyzing and vetting all the paperwork to ensure this was a solid opportunity. One thing I know is that Kenyans are ready to work, Kenyans want to work, but safety and protection, and fair pay is mandatory. Poland is a European country and therefore working conditions are definitely very different from what Kenyan workers encounter in Gulf countries. Did I mention that Jayne fulfilled her promise? Last week Purity Njeri's application to work in Poland was accepted. Halleluyah!

You can submit your application right here #VOO website. Click this link to see all the requirements and how the application process works.

All You Need To Know About Working In Poland:

Submit Your Poland Job Application Here:

4 Kenyans Invited To Polish Embassy For Their Visa Interview This Week & Next Week

Once you have submitted your registration fees, Jayne will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays at her office in Westlands and will book personal appointments. Folks....all the best!

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