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Kenyan Dalalas, Abortions And Prostitutes In Saudi Arabia | "Wanatupwa Kwa Dustbins Wakiuliwa"

The case of Mercy Sakim who was killed in Saudi Arabia by another KENYAN named Sheila Maasai, who used ACID as a "weapon", has shocked the world. Having broken this case and doing a follow-up here on #VOO TV NETWORK, I am receiving a lot of Intel about how the likes of SHEILA engage in dark activities which include murder, abortions, prostitution and organ harvesting. Below is a personal testimony sent to me by someone who knows the dark world of this criminal syndicate. Her identity will be protected and remain concealed.

"NERETHONI I saw you post on

"Something is not adding up."

Let me tell you these girls zingine ni za kujitakia. There is a girl from my area who wanted to go to Saudi I talked to her and told her akienda in a good house asitoroke coz Saudi si kuzuri ukiwa kemboi as I had heard that she was planning to run away after only a month. Kumbe i was just eating my mouth, alienda in a good home as per her mother. And true to her word she run away after 2 months and now she is leaving a life you can never understand. Most of these girls Sheila type wakiwa Kenya they were not good. This one from my area used to take bangi, beer and kobelo(sp) and she left a 6month old baby boy but she doesn't send anything to the mother. All she does is Raha bila mwisho and endless reels on Tiktok. Then when things go bad familia na yeye waanze kuimba Nerethoni Saudia. It's so pathetic my brother. Sometimes I pity you and wish you could go there and work for one year uone majaabu ya pharaoh

Another things they are killed by the Arabs they do umalaya with and they are thrown to the zibalas too.

These kenyan girls stay in a house or room maany and the procure crude abortion (done by Nigeria) so if by fate the abortion goes bad and you die in that house coz you can't go to hospital your Kenyan roommate with throw you to the zibala(big dustbin) as the don't want to be arrested, and zibala correctors will call the police and your body will be taken to the morgue.

Reke kweri kuwa Saudia with these girls and living in the same house is tough, really tough. there was a lady leaving with me in the same house but different rooms, she really got sick, when I came for my off one Friday I found her very sick and I requested her to go to hospital but she didn't want. After a day she was picked by her roommate and taken ati 'hospital'. Later I was told that she was procuring an abortion and that they had gone back to the Nigerian woman who had procured the abortion. What was done God knows. You see the problem that girl would have put us into. Anyway after that she is the same girl who made us came back to Kenya prematurely. Thus nikakuambia don't put the whole blame on these Arabs. Wasichana wetu wengine si wazuri. Blessed Huduma Day."

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