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Joy Achieng Has Died (Video)

JOY ACHIENG HAS DIED 😭😭 - JOY ACHIENG has died this morning after returning from ALBANIA. As y'all know, she was thrown from the 3rd Floor of a high rise building last year AUGUST. I was the first person to document this case, Interviewed Mama Joy multiple names on #VOOTV and the world had an exclusive view of Joy inside the Hospital on her PATIENT bed.

I will give a detailed personal statement later today. I am SAD, I am Heart broken! JOY FOUGHT not to die in a FOREIGN country that inflicted TERRIBLE pain and changed her life forever. She has taken her own justice to the GRAVE! Thats the bitter TRUTH 😭😭.

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So sad indeed to loose joy rest well dear 😭😭😭😭

Me gusta
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