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Jailed In SAUDI ARABIA For 17 Years - The Pauline Wanjiru Story

THE SAD STORY OF PAULINE WANJIRU 😭😭 - She is Paulina wanjiru ndungu from Mbegi, Gilgil Nakuru county she travelled for work to saudi Arabia on 17 of December 2017,she worked in there for a duration of a year and was arrested on 2019 with accusations of attempted murder with a verdict of 18 years in Marazi prison Saudi Arabia she is a mother of 7 and her husband passed on when she was still there we are asking for legal and government aid on how she can come back to Kenya as her mother is currently undergoing depression that affects the whole family and even some of her children dropped out of school due to lack of school fees which her mother cannot raise now because of her condition, wishing her to be back home so that her family could be healed!

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