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Here Is The List Of The Official 384 Accredited Recruitment Agencies In Kenya - #VOOACADEMY

This information is crucial! To curb the GULF labor migration crisis, we have to review genuine and scrupulous agencies. Fact is, even agencies who are rated "genuine", have duped their clients during times of distress. Let this data be important especially to thousands of ladies who are waiting to leave Kenya and travel to the Middle East to serve as Domestic Workers. People perish due to lack of KNOWLEDGE, not due to lack of MONEY! Before you say "BORA NDEGE", do your due diligence while in Kenya and don't be ignorant.

Click this link to see the 384 agencies on NEA's website. 4 have not renewed their licenses!

The 4 Agencies who have not renewed their licenses are: Saihat Solutions Ltd, HR Connection Ltd, Dorma Bidrest Ltd & Ransley Global Agency Ltd

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