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Gratitude - Wanja Kimani’s Last Letter From Sakan

Do you ever open a document, a folder or just music and it's named “No Title"? That's it, this letter right here has no particular title because my feelings and thoughts are all over the place! In a good way, though. Freedom tastes like this!

Wanna Kimani Inside The Plane After Boarding

When I came to SAKAN I was certain I wouldn't stay long. Length of time is relative! I had stayed here for a week when I started feeling as if I was being delayed. I stayed for another one and I was becoming bitter! Upon interacting with friends who have been here for months, I started feeling empathetic towards them and felt that I ought to be more patient.

This Is How Freedom Feels Like

We, as sisters, have been heartbroken. We have encouraged each other, sometimes discouraged each other because of the complexities of the repatriation protocols. Yet in all, we have stood strong and prayed together. We have been heartbroken due to lack of information, and heartbroken when hard facts have been shared with us.

Wanja Kimani Is Welcomed By NTV Camera Crew At Jomo Kenyata International Airport

I found a new purpose here, to speak for those who can't. I found a new purpose, to strengthen others in the Lord, as I also am strengthened. Iron sharpens iron. I grew peaceful and comfortable here, detained at SAKAN.

Wanja Kimani‘s First Phone Call To Her Child

There are things that have happened in between that have made me want to leave SAKAN. And others have made me appreciate SAKAN as the safest place I've been ever since I set foot in Saudi Arabia.

After making peace with everything, overcoming my fears and loving God more than ever before. A month after entering SAKAN. A whole lot to remember and write. It's 1:45am, Saudi/Moscow/East African Time, at the SAKAN parking lot. On my way to the airport, the only Kenyan among several other African nationalities. I'll be home in just a few hours.

And there are no perfect words to describe how I am feeling!

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