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Fundraising Support For EzyTheDJ Ezy | VOO News

News of the death of our brother Ezy caught us by surprise on January 8th, 2020. Members of the community who knew him reacted quickly and already Whatsapp Groups and a Chairing Committee have been set up to co-ordinate the next steps leading to the transfer of EZY back to Kenya. With all the emotional pain that death brings, it also brings financial burdens. We are hereby appealing to well-wishers, friends, brothers, and sisters to help with any expenses that will incur and whatever will be needed. Donations will be used to facilitate funeral expenses. We are thankful for any support you may be able to provide. We also encourage everyone to keep his family in thoughts and prayers. Well-Wishers can submit their donations via the following channels:

* Cashapp - 413-777-7087

Name - Paulin Ekajulo

Tag - $simbareal

The Late Ezekiel Kirwa Tarbei A.K.A EzyTheDJ EzY

The committee has proposed and agreed that meetings will be held every Wednesday @7p.m and Sunday @3p.m at 29 Grover St, Springfield, MA, 01104. Kindly find the flyer attached below.

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