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Faith Shimilu And Sophie Amimo To Represent #VOO In The Parliament On November 29th.

This morning I received the great news that my 2 brave warriors Faith Shimilu and Sophie Amimo have been summoned again to the Parliament on November 29th to discuss issues affecting Kadamas in Gulf. This is their 2nd appearance in the Parliament, the 1st one was on November 11th which I posted on the website. The top issues are "safety and protection", "salary increment" since 900 Riyals is "piggy bank", "A minimum of 1 day off a week and ensure working hours are regulated" & "respect of human rights". I will be hosting a Tik Tok Livestream event today at 10.15p.m Kenyan time to discuss this so please don't miss it. Follow #VOO TV on Tik Tok by clicking here:

Faith Shimilu And Sophie Amimo During A Parliament Session On November 1th

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