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Eunice Njoki In Iraq Needs Help, Oppression Has Led To Severe Depression

I received this case today in the morning. Eunice Njoki is originally from Githunguri. A concerned friend brought this case to my attention and for action to be taken, I decided to post it here on VOO. Read the rest from her friend below.

Eunice Njoki From Githunguri

"Dear sir I hope ur well am writing to u this seeking help for my friend who is in Iraq for the past 3 years now she recently got a phone and managed to send me a txt seeking for help .the people she is working for don't pay her and when she refuse to work they beat her up and force her to work she is really suffering and all she want is to go home of which they have refused to help her and the agent who took her there don't even answer her call he has abandoned her.I will really do appreciate if u can air this one and see if she can get help before it's too late."

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