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Esther Wairimu Has Been Rescued! - Video Report | #VOO TV

I am thrilled to share that Esther Wairimu has been rescued and will be returning home to Kenya. I am deeply grateful to Hon. Kaseem, the Kenyan Deputy Ambassador in Lebanon, for his swift action in response to my request for assistance. I also want to thank Hon. Sayed, the Ambassador in Beirut, for providing me with updates on Wairimu's situation and confirming her safety at the Consulate. Additionally, I am grateful for the support of Hon. Roseline K. Njogu, the President-Elected Principle Secretary of the State Department and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Affairs, who also reached out to me and expressed her concern.

To the #VOO TV Family on YouTube and TikTok, I am constantly in awe of your support and love. It is an honor to be a part of this community, and I am sure that with God's guidance, we will continue to thrive and grow together.

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