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Breaking News - A Kenyan Has Died At The Saudi Deportation Center

Am sick and tired of having to post these headlines! I have been informed that another Kenyan has died in Saudi Arabia. She was arrested last month on the 30th na akakufia kwa DEPORTATION CENTER on the 13th of October!!! To be specific alikufia Tarhil! Her names Holliness Wavuda & she is from TAITA!

Holliness Wavuda Who Died At Tarhil

Wavuda was arrested together with her friend who has already returned to Kenya. Her death only came to light after her friend arrived home since she did not have any means of communication while being held at Tarhil. I have been told that her family has already been found.

*This is breaking News. I will update the article as I receive more info. I will also give an update on Tik Tok @voo_tv! Thank you.*

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