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Another Kenyan Domestic Worker Dies In Saudi Arabia - Her Name "Maxmilla Muhadia"

It's yet another painful day that I have to sit here and prepare another death press report of one of our own sisters in Saudi Arabia. The death of Maxmilla Muhanda, daughter to Aggry Mutoro and Violet Khadhika from Nandi county. Maxmilla had worked in Saudi Arabia for 18 months and had only 6 months left to complete her contract. Her death has raised questions among her family and close friends. What really happened?

The Late Maxmilla Muhanda

Talking to members in her Whatsapp group, Maxmilla had complained to her recruiting agent, friends, and parents. There is audio evidence which Maxmilla had forwarded to her parents that was shared by her Dad. In the audio recordings which are both in Swahili and Luhya, Muhanda clearly narrates how she is being mistreated, pleads with her recruiting agent and parents to be removed from the house. In some of those audiotapes, you can feel the panic and fear in her voice. An agent can be heard telling her "we are trying everything to get you out." In another recording Maxmilla is heard saying "hawanipei chakula, hawanipei maji mpaka nimekunywa maji chafu ya tap ile inaenda kwa choo." (They are not giving me food, they are not giving me water I actually had to drink dirty water from the toilet bowl.). She continues "waliniambia nikitaka chakula, niwapatie pesa! nikitaka maji, niwapatie pesa. Nikitaka kuoga, niwapatie maji!" (They told me if I want food, I had to give them money. If I needed water, I have to give them money. If I wanted to take a bath, I have to give them money!)

Maxmilla Muhanda Is Witnessed Crying In One Of Her Tik Tok Videos

Early May, her friends lost contact with Maxmilla. This was very unusual since she was always available and very communicative. She even had a Tik Tok account. Her friends then noted her phone was switched off. Then came the news of her death which cause everyone by surprise. What happened?

The cause of her death has not yet been confirmed. Her friends have already launched a fundraising campaign to support the family. You can send your funds via mpesa to Jane Nyambura @ +254 740 275795

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