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Another Kenyan Dies In Saudi Arabia, Had Only Been There For Less Than A Month

One thing I had declared for the month of October, is announcing the demise of one of our own in the Kingdom. This morning I woke up to a report in my inbox, that we had lost another Kenyan sister by the name Lucy Wanja. She travelled to Saudi Arabia on the 9th of September last month to seek greener pastures as a Domestic Worker. She died on the 22nd of September 2021.

The Late Lucy Wanja Had Only Been In Saudi Arabia For Less Than A Month

According to the report I received, Lucy received her Covid-19 shot while at the office. Complications began thereafter and unfortunately, she did not heal. Lucy's death is similar to another Kenyan, Hannah Wambui who also had just spent 3 weeks in Saudi after travelling there last month and died . This is too much. In less than 2 weeks, we have lost 6 Kenyans in Saudi due to health-related complications most of them in their 20's. Rest In Peace Lucy.

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