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Announcing The Death Of Justin Mulama Wafula Who Passed Away In Saudi Arabia

These headlines shutter my soul! I was added in a whatsapp group on Thursday with the headline "Justin W. Send Off". The message read as follows:

Hellow. Members.

The above mentioned person Justin mulama wafula died from heart attack in Riyadh, we pray and hope that the agent and government will help us to airlift the body back to Kenya. We therefore humbly request for ur support.. Accnt number :::011192365::thanks in advance

Justin Mulama Wafula Died On November 25th Due To A Heart Attack

Regarding the cause of death, the message in the whatsapp group read: The above mentioned name Justin. W. FODI.. DEATH WAS ANNOUNCED ON NOVEMBER 25TH 2021.. due to a heart attack during the line of duty here in Riyadh we hereby thank u in advance for ur efforts to send back her body to her beloved family in Kenya thank u🙏🏻🙏🏻

I am in touch with Vinny who is the admin in the group and will update this article. My sincere condolences to the family.

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