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Anita's Traveling Agency EXPOSED!!

A woman identified as Anne Wanjiku, the CEO of Anita's Traveling Agency has been exposed by Kenyan victims who she promised greener opportunities to work in CANADA and Gulf countries. Victims paid between 150k-200k as the required commission. None of them ever left the country and Anne Wanjiku has been dodging the victims, and to an extent even threatening them. #VOO TV inquired with the National Employment Authority Director, Hon. Njue if the agency was registered. To our surprise, the Agency is not registered with NEA. This is a crime!

Anne Wanjiku, like dozens of other crook agents in the country, is an architect of a "Labour Ponzi Scheme". More victims have reported their cases to #VOO TV and we will continue to raise awareness to the community. Poor victims have lost money, are stuck in debt after borrowing loans while others even sold their property and local businesses. Watch this unplugged episode from #VOO TV tik tok live (part 1). More will be loading up on our channel. Make sure you like, comment and SUBSCRIBE. Join this channel to get access to perks:

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