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An Emotional Video Of Esther Wanjiku Thuku Recorded Before Her Death Surfaces Online

This is another sophisticated case on my desk! Esther Wanjiku was working in Saudi Arabia as a House Help. Talking to her Sister-In-Law Mary, her family received a phone call on May 29th from the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Of Affairs informing them of Esther's demise. The exact date of her death was February 28th. Which raises the question, why did it take three months to break the news?

A Selfie Of A Happy Esther Wanjiku At Work In Saudi Arabia

The Video Recorded Before Esther's Death Is Emotional To Watch

Questioning what was the cause of her death, the family was simply told "Death by suicide". The legitimacy of this statement was immediately questioned by Esther's family. She was always full of joy, communicated with her family constantly since she landed in Gulf and her friends have called her "an intercessor."

The Late Esther Wanjiku

Esther's employer on the other hand claimed that she ran from the house and therefore has failed to cooperate with authorities in order to process the proper documentation needed to repatriate her body home. Her family can be seen in the video below, seeking help. It's such a sad scenario to watch.

Esther Wanjiku's Dad, Mum & Sister Plead The Public For Help

According to Mary, the family needs around 700,000 kshs to cover the repatriation costs, money which they don't have. Esther's oldest child, a boy, just graduated Thika High School with flying colors; a straight A-! The question remains, what's next?

There are meetings being held at Esther's house in Thika and at her parent's home. She leaves behind 4 children and a husband. One word, "TUMECHOKA!"

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Leah Mburu
Leah Mburu
Jun 17, 2021

Khaii,,,hii ni lini ama it's past,,ameeda???

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