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All You Need To Know About Poland Jobs Application

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

01 year Work Permit with a high possibility of National Schengen Visa that allows free movement within the Schengen Zone. No special qualification needed (unskilled Labour – Training-On-Site)


  1. Conveyor worker for Consumer Goods Packaging

  2. Shopping Mall Cleaner

  3. Meat Factory

  4. Construction Workers

  5. Painter-Decorators

  6. Electrician

SALARY: €uros 800–1000 per month after taxes. (Appr. Ksh.100,800 - Kshs.132,000). Double pay on overtime.


  1. Register on the #VOO Portal and Choose 1 Job. Click here to submit your application:

  2. Sends a CLEAR Scanned copy of passport Bio Data Page and CV if available via email or WhatsApp +254 705 965575.

  3. Submit an Application Fee of Ksh.3,000 to Mpesa Buy Goods Till No.5985067

We will file an application for a Job and revert with 7-10 days.

  1. Sign Job Offer/Acceptance Letter & Preliminary Contract stipulating Terms & Conditions of the Job Agreement

  2. Pay a Deposit of Ksh.147,000 to which goes to the processing of the Work Permit and Relevant Local Licences. (The Application fee counts as part of this deposit). Allow about 40-60 days.

  3. When Work Permit comes out, pay the next deposit of Ksh.150,000.

  4. Receive Original Documents from Poland + Local Documents and Attend Embassy Interview

  5. Allow about 10-14 days then ready to Travel.

  6. Travel arrangements + Meet & Greet Services in Poland, taken to the fully furnished shared accommodation, orientation, and start of the Job.


  • Formal Job Offer from a Polish Company + a Preliminary Contract

  • Official Voevoda 1 year Work Visa - Approved & Signed by the Governor of the District

  • Guarantee Letter from the Polish Company for the Polish Consulate

  • Accommodation Letter from the Polish Company for the Polish Consulate

  • Employer Visa Request Letter from the Polish company for the Polish Consulate

  • Express Courier Delivery of the Invitation Package

  • Visa Application Support

  • Airport Border Control Q&A online training support

  • Transfer from the airport to the booked hotel or Apartment

  • Fully furnished accommodation close to the Factory / Work Facilities

  • Medical Insurance/Coverage for the duration of the Residence Permit

  • Air-Ticket – One way

  • On-job training at the Employment Facility

  • Right to change Jobs as long as thirty (30) Days Advance Notice is given

  • Right to travel within EU Countries with a local Residence Card (received within 3 months)

  • Consultation on law nuances of extending Work Permit & opportunities to continue work in other European Union Countries & Job placement in Germany or Belgium after 1 year in Poland

Check the new uploaded Job offers in the document below.


What is the overall processing time?

On average about 60-90 days

Passport Validity:

If applying for the 01 year Work Permit, then the passport should be at least 18 months and more..

Is the Visa Guaranteed?

NO, the Visa is not guaranteed. However, ensure that all the documents required by the Embassy are provided to you - Work Permit, Letter of Accommodation, Contract of Employment which is Legal and from a Trusted Employer in good standing with the Government, Letter of Guarantee from the Employer.. etc.

We offer pre-interview advisory support and preparation.

What if the Visa is Denied?

At all times, the Embassy will give the reason for visa denial. If it is for a reason that involves an error of omission on our part, our Immigration Lawyers and Employer will ALWAYS petition an appeal on behalf of the Applicant, and more often than not it goes through. It could be more documents required or clarifications….etc.

Services that have already been paid for are NON-REFUNDABLE. For example the Work Permit or Embassy Fees.. etc. What can be refunded is unutilized services like Air Ticket, Travel Insurance…

If it is for a reason of your making, like for example failure to turn up at the Embassy, or Criminal Record, forged Documents…then we will not be involved at all.

Is any more money required beyond the processing fee?

From our part NO. Maybe for Covid-19 Test prior to boarding a flight.

Is Food Provided?

NO. Food is NOT included. Some Employers may provide soups during shift breaks but FOOD is their own responsibility, same as items of personal nature like toiletry……. The Houses are fully furnished enabling their own cooking.

Is language a problem?

English is widely spoken especially in the urban areas and amongst the many foreigners now working in Poland. With time it is recommended to learn the basics of the Polish language.

What is a Typical Working day like?

Ideally, the shifts go between 8 -10 hours a day for 05/06 days a week with a standard 15 minutes break twice per shift. Most of the jobs are characterized by long hours of standing.

There is flexibility on choice of shifts and the option to take over-time hours which pay double the standard hourly rate.

WhatsApp: +254 705 965575. Email: or Discount Code: #VOO

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