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A Kenyan Domestic Worker Dies In Iraq Due To Negligence

I have addressed the issue of Kenyans abuse in Iraq intensively in 2019. Matter of fact, with cases of oppression on the increase, I publicly challenged the Kenyan government to boycott all flights to Iraq accompanying domestic workers! But in a country where "Human Rights" are secondary such requests often tend to fall on deaf ears!

The Background Story

Picture Of Ruth Omungala Shortly Before Her Demise

Today in the morning, a message was shared in our VOO Whatsapp group, that a Kenyan Lady had died an hour prior in Iraq. A picture showing the last minutes of her life was shared in the group. Upon requesting for more details, one of the ladies working in Iraq got in touch and shared the following.

The victim's name is Ruth Omungala. She has been working in Iraq for 1 year as a domestic worker. The news report indicates that Ruth faced abuse by her host and malnutrition which lead to a steady decline in her health. She requested her agent in Iraq for medical care which was poorly served. Ruth's final request was to be flown back to Kenya upon which she was told "after Christmas. The agent in charge is a man by the name "Ali."

Today, her situation deteriorated. Her fellow Kenyan collegues at the office said Ruth was complaining of severe abdominal pains. She was vomiting and this man "Ali" was informed. He took long to respond or even dare to help. As a result of the negligence, Ruth died just like that. Her Kenyan friends at the office protested. In one of the Whatsapp audio recordings I received, a Kenyan lady can be heard begging the Kenyan government to boycott flights to Iraq. "This is so unfair", she uttered those words in pain.

Omungala's earlier pictures tell a different story: a happy, jovial, healthy lady. Below are her pictures which were shared in Kenyans Working In Iraq Facebook group.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information trickles in!

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