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50 Kenyan Women/Mothers And 24 Babies Released From Tarhil, Saudi's Biggest Deportation Centre Today

Today, 50 Kenyan Women and 24 Babies were released from Tarhil. Unfortunately, not one single Kenyan male was released. Please continue to be relentless in PRAYERS until every single Kenyan soul in there is released. More are expected to travel in the coming week!

Those Released From Tarhil Today Awaiting Their Flight At Riyadh International Airport

P.S - 3 women had to be returned to the Tarhil due to an issue with their documents.

Kenyans locked up in Tarhil have been in constant communication with me for the past months and there are more details that I will be releasing in the coming days. Today, I give praise to the Most High for this major achievement. I will update this post during the day.

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